About HR Resources

The aim of HR Resources is simple: help professionals in HR and Organization Development get the work of the function done, and done well.

To achieve this, we moved away from the theory book, and dived deep into the battle-scars and muscle memory of over a quarter-decade of award-winning experience. The result is a focused set of just-in-time resources in the form of video tutorials, templates and tools, all delivered in pragmatic, no-nonsense way that means you can use them in the real-world straight away.


What’s on the site?

Boot Camp

  • Using HR Resources
  • How did we get here?
  • HRIS 101
  • Focusing HR

Get Things Done

  • Process & Policy
    • Process Design
    • Policy Development
  • Change & Stakeholders
    • Change Planning
    • Stakeholder Management
  • Projects & Programs
    • Project Management
    • Program Management

Focus Areas

  • Workforce Planning
  • Organization Culture
  • Organization Design
  • Performance Management

Video Tutorials

Tools & Resources

Here’s Vince to tell you about the sections and content of HR Resources:

How can I access HR Resources?

We’ve adopted a simple, flexible approach to making these resources available.

  • If you’re just looking to use the videos, templates and tools, then you should consider the Lifetime Access Membershipa single payment of $199 will gain you access to all existing and future material.
  • If you’re looking to augment the materials by attending online webinars, or receiving discounts for face-to-face events, then Monthly Membership will get you access to that – at just $5 per month, it’s an incredible value.
  • For those looking to extend beyond the materials, Silver and Gold Memberships add in varying levels of bespoke trouble-shooting calls for just $49 and $199 per month respectively.

Through these membership options, HR Resources can fit both your need and price-point!